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The sport of Lure coursing has been enjoyed by Afghan Hounds and their people for decades. A growing number of Afghan Hound show champions are also field champions or certified coursers, though a show championship is not a prerequisite for field competition.

Both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) have nationwide field trial systems, which are implemented by sanctioned clubs located in almost every state. Placing a puppy in a lure coursing home is an outstanding option because the dog must be kept in good physical condition to be competitive in the field.

Breeders and owners alike experience a special attraction and fulfillment at the sight of their Afghan Hound's sheer delight and enjoyment in the chase. Afghan Hound fanciers appreciate the breed standard of points in a whole new way when they are introduced to lure coursing. The unique characteristics of the breed outlined in the Standard are based upon the ancient sight and hunting capabilities of the Afghan Hound.

(Reprinted from Introduction to the Afghan Hound)

AKC's guide to Getting Started in Lure Coursing

For more information, contact the AHCA's Lure Coursing Committee Chairperson: Eddie Kominek

At the Line
At the Line
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The Slip
End of the Bunny
End of the Bunny

2010 AKC Lure Coursing TopDogs Bowen System

Starting January 1, 2010 and ending December 31, 2010

Rank Name Sex Points
1 DC Suni's Delta Dawn SC LCX B 105
2 DC Suni's Crimson Flare SC D 84
3 FC Allure's Frozen Assets SC D 48
4 FC Paschdou's Yousha SC B 46
5 FC Llacue's Aloof Zero Tolerance MC LCX3 B 42
6 DC Watling Street Zarin Sun At Dvangel SC B 41
7 DC Perfection Cheri-A Frosted Ice SC D 40
7 DC L'Rhelsuni Asia's Timestep CD RA MC LCX D 40
9 FC Komar's Kiss'N Fire SC B 39
10 DC Sebring Elan Carumba SC D 36
11 DC Suni Magenta Maidin Bakura SC B 35
12 DC Suni's Red Eagle Soaring SC D 33
13 FC Allure's Im No Angel MC B 32
14 FC Allures Just Give Me That Wink SC B 31
15 FC Allure's Infinity MC LCX2 B 27
16 DC Shekinah Prima Donna MC B 26
17 DC Generation Leaps To Mars SC D 25
17 FC Allure's Irresistible SC B 25
17 FC Arcana Wicked Temptation SC B 25
20 FC Allure's I Call Your Name MC B 24
20 FC Allure's Incorrigble MC LCX D 24
22 Bakura's Cavalier De Calais SC D 23
22 DC Zavin's Supersonic Of Elchaman SC D 23
22 FC Tarina Adorah Blazn Ice Crystal SC B 23
22 Lucee B 23
22 Arcana Wicked Witch Of The East SC B 23

2008 Afghan Hounds AKC TopDogs Bowen System

Starting January 1, 2008 and ending December 31, 2008

Rank Name Sex Points
1 FC Allues Infinity SC LXC B 96
2 FC Llacues's Aloof Zero Tolerance MC LCX B 73
3 DC Shekinah King Richard MC LXC D 73
4 FC Sars Shylo Goodness Grace-Ous SC B 55
5 FC Allures Incorrigble SC D 52
6 DC Allures Double Exposure MC LCX 7 D 46
  7 FC Allures I call Your Name SC B 41
8 DC Shekunah Prima Donna MC B 36
9 FC Allure Laurelercrest Need For Speed.SC B 35  
10 DC Sars-Smrwnd Some Like It Hot SC LCX D 34
11 DC Perfection Nalikar Wm Powell SC D 32
12 Jorogz Hold On To My Heart SC B 30
13 DC L'Rhelwitchwood Timetraveler CD RA MC LCX B 28
14 DC Kryslaur Arcana With Attitude RN SC D 27
14 DC Perfection Nalikar Rock Hudson SC D 27
14 Sars Shylo Touch of Grace SC B 27
17 FC Allures Irresistible SC B 26
17 FC Shekinah Steel Magnolia MC B 26
19 DC Horizon Prime Time SC LCX D 25
20 FC Jubilan-Tzaneen Warlord SC D 24

2003 AKC Lure Coursing TopDogs Bowen System

Starting January 1, 2003 and ending December 31, 2003

Rank Name Sex Points 
1 DC Allure's Double Exposure MC LCX5 D 82 
2 DC Allure's Ready Or Not SC D 55 
3 FC Zoso's Bahya's Hovot Ha-Levacot MC D 44 
3 FC Zoso's Ha-Shahar Sturmwolke MC D 44 
5 FC Allure's Dear John Of Suraj SC B 43 
6 DC Tamrick Xanadu High Treason MC LCX D 36 
7 FC A-Tu's Do As You Please SC D 32 
8 FC Tamrick's Conspiracy MC LCX D 18 
9 Windcrest Cannonball Express JC D 16 
10 Pam-Mel Penhebogydd SC D 14 
10 FC Twyshire Tanist SC D 14 
10 CH Allure's Dble Red Hot Summer JC B 14 
13 CH Topflite Blue Willow Elite JC B 13 
14 FC Scimitar's Creme Brulee SC B 12 
15 FC Allure's Double Feature SC B 11 
15 Shekinah King Richard JC D 11 
17 CH Shekinah Prima Donna JC B 10 
17 DC Tamrick's Forgery MC D 10 
19 CH Serenade's Court And Spark SC B
19 Utchati American Dream JC B
19 DC Allure's I'Ve Got A Secret MC B
22 Lenobel Sofisticatd Siloette JC D
22 DC Forever Glacier Ice SC D
24 CH Meshome Tanqueray Tapestry JC B
24 Pam-Mel's Keep It Cool JC D
24 DC Tamrick's Grand Larceny MC LCX D
24 CH Kirkwynd Night Moves Of York JC D
24 FC Forever Hot Time'n Rio SC D

1992 ASFA Lure Coursing Top 10

  1. Cameo's Ecru Wind FCh
  2. Goldmine's Mist of Cerridwen FCh
  3. Zcsirrahs Way Cool Jr LCM
  4. Cameo's Call The Wind Mariah FCh
  5. Bamian's Leo of Scheherezade FCh
  6. Bamian's Sha Zada of Seh FCh
  7. Cameo's Gone With The Wind
  8. FCh Komar's Tiger Lily LCM IV
  9. Scheherazade Mahadi Gras FCh
  10. Toulouse's Hurricane Warning FCh