Guidelines for Regional Specialty Show Approval

Regional Specialty Show Request:

The Afghan Hound Club of America is licensed by the American Kennel Club. The American Kennel Club asks all Parent Clubs to define areas that will assist Regional Clubs in representing their breeds in their given areas. This includes, as in our case, promoting education, participating in the welfare of the Afghan Hound as well as holding a Specialty Show annually under the AKC Rules and Regulations. (See AKC Rules Applying to Dog Show, Chapter 2, Section 12.)

The AHCA Board of Directors, in cooperation with the AKC, established these guidelines for Specialty Show Date Approval. In 1995, the AHCA membership endorsed these guidelines for all Regional Clubs. Each Regional Club must submit an information packet to the AHCA in a timely manner to adhere to AKC deadlines. This packet should detail that club's activities over the previous twelve (12) month period and include information for the upcoming Specialty Show of which date is being requested.

This packet is reviewed by the AHCA Regional Clubs Division and a PARENT CLUB CONSENT FORM is sent out to the named Specialty Show chairperson. This consent form, along with a $50.00 fee, must be submitted to the AKC with Regional Club's Application for its Specialty Show.

Once Parent Club Approval for specialty show date(s) is received by the club, it may proceed to advertise those plans in public venues.

The AHCA offers a medallion for Best of Winners at a Regional Specialty Show upon Request. Along with the consent form the AHCA Regional Clubs Division will send an application form for this award. The Regional Club Specialty secretary must send this application and a Premium List SHOWING THIS
AWARD LISTING to the AHCA Pins & Awards Chairperson to receive this trophy.

The AHCA offers a medallion for Best in Junior Showmanship at a Regional Specialty Show upon Request. If a Regional Club is offering classes in Junior Showmanship a letter of instruction will be sent along with the consent form and Best of Winners request form and the Parade of Rescue form. This letter instructs that the Regional Club secretary notify the AHCA Regional Clubs Division chairperson after entries for the Specialty are closed that there is at least one entry in Junior Showmanship. The Regional Clubs chairperson will send back a certificate for presentation to the Junior in the ring as well as a letter for the redemption of the medallion. The Junior will send this letter to the AHCA Pins & Awards chairperson to receive the medallion.

The AHCA offers medallions for each Parade of Rescue entry at a Regional Specialty Show upon Request. Along with the consent form the AHCA Regional Clubs Division will send an application form for this award. The Regional Club Specialty secretary must send this application and a Premium List SHOWING THIS AWARD LISTING to the AHCA Chairperson to receive the number of medallions needed.

The AKC and the AHCA are aware that Regional Clubs may not always have a productive year. If a Regional Club decides not to hold a Specialty Show in a given year or even if the Specialty Show Approval is denied, that show date is protected for one (1) calendar year. A Regional Club must not allow a Specialty Show to lapse for two (2) consecutive calendar years. In this case AKC may give the Regional Club's show date to another club if it is applied for. In the event of a Regional Club's decision to not hold a Specialty Show in a given year, that club must still submit an information packet to the AHCA Regional Clubs Division.

The show/trial application is due to AKC 24 weeks prior to the CLOSING DATE of the Specialty Show. The closing date is two and one half weeks prior to the Specialty Show. The Regional Club information packet must be sent to the AHCA Regional Clubs Division Chairperson, allowing enough time for review and return mailing of forms, so the Regional Club will meet its deadline with the AKC as well as any superintendent/show secretary. The Regional Club will be responsible for any additional fees imposed (extra postal fees, AKC faxing fees) because of lateness.

The Regional Club should not hold up its application to AKC because of an incomplete judging panel. The judging panel is required by AKC 18 weeks prior to the CLOSING DATE of the Specialty Show (for the club to be in compliance with Chapter 2, Section 9 and Chapter 4, Section 1 of the Rules Applying to Dog
, respectively). It is important that the Regional Clubs supplies appropriate documentation on the information submitted. Photographs are welcome and will be returned upon request.


  1. The Name of the Regional Club
  2. AHCA Statement of Compliance
  3. Up-to-date Membership List with names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. Please note who are Officers & Board members.
  4. Number of active members in the Regional Club, number of meetings per year and average number of members in attendance per meeting.
  5. Current bank statement, submitted by the Regional Club Treasurer.
  6. Changes in the Regional Club Constitution and By-laws, if any.
  7. Minutes of at least three (3) membership meetings held within the past year. Include the meetings containing the nomination and election of Officers and Board of Directors. When a club is sanctioned by the AKC, it is expected to run its meetings according to its Constitution and By-laws. Minutes are a form of record and must be taken accordingly.
  8. List the name of all judges: Sweepstakes, Regular Class, Jr. Showmanship and Obedience (if applicable). This information will be included in the next issue of the AHCA Topknot News to assist your Club with publicity information.
  9. List the Show Chairman for the forthcoming Specialty Show. Include address, email address and phone number.
  10. List the name, address, email address and telephone number of the Show Secretary.
  11. Show Location and Date

Additional Information:

IMPORTANT: When your Club elects new Officers and Directors, please submit this information, within 30 days of your election, to the AHCA Corresponding Secretary. (Be sure to include each officer and director name, address and telephone number, along with fax and e-mail address). This will help the AHCA maintain current information on who to contact in your Club and where to send your Club's copy of the AHCA publication Topknot News.


The AHCA Regional Clubs Division
Amy Mero
122 Rowland Creek Rd.
Moyock, NC  27958
508-517-7839  (cell)
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If you need to snail mail your application, please use this address and be sure to e-mail or call me when you do.

For Overnight, PLEASE CALL for an address!

Some Ideas For Membership Programs:

The purpose of a membership program is to educate, entertain and cultivate a continued interest in the Afghan Hound. Good membership programs will aid Regional Clubs build well rounded, strong and interested memberships.

  • Discussions on the Afghan Hound Standard of Points.
  • Grooming discussions and grooming demonstrations for the novice.
  • Programs on Veterinary Medicine. Ask a local veterinarian to speak at one of your meetings on general health care and how to care for the aging Afghan Hound.
  • Invite a state legislator to one of your meetings to get them acquainted with the sport of pure bred dogs.
  • Utilize the AHCA Media Library. Regional Clubs may wish to utilize the AHCA Library as part of a Regional Club activity program for its members. This material allows clubs to view AHCA National Specialty Shows and presents useful information on the sport of pure bred dogs.
  • Programs on Obedience, Agility and Conformation training classes.
  • Mini Seminars on The Afghan Hound Standard, Obedience, Agility and Lure Field Trials.
  • Programs on genetics, inbreeding, line breeding, etc.
  • A program on frozen semen and artificial insemination.
  • Internet Clinic. Show members how to use the Internet and locate dog related information.