The Young Sportsman Scholarship Award

This Scholarship is open to all young people (age 16-20) participation in conformation and performance events with Afghan Hounds.

The Young Sportsman is a unique individual. This special person is able to balance school and the sport of dogs. This individual is a full time student in high school or college and participates in conformation and performance events for Afghan Hounds. The variety of the activities is important. A $500.00 scholarship will be awarded to the Young Sportsman who has demonstrated outstanding characteristics in these areas.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
  2. Must be between the ages of 16-20 years of age.
  3. Must be a student at an accredited institution (school transcript or letter of acceptance).
  4. Demonstrate activity by completing Activity Form ( Separate form to be completed, see attachment).
  5. A four-page double spaced essay discussing experiences and interest in the Afghan Hound.
  6. Letters of recommendation; All letters should be a brief overview of why they recommend the Young Sportsman for this scholarship. Choose either option A or B.
    1. Nominated by letters of recommendation from two (2) AFGHAN HOUND CLUB OF AMERICA members not in the same household.
    2. Nominated by letters from one (1) AFGHAN HOUND CLUB OF AMERICA MEMBER and two (2) additional letters from any of the following, a teacher, advisor or person of religious affirmation.

Criteria for awarding scholarship:

  1. Academic achievement and potential in dog related activities.
  2. Level of activity ( see activity form).
  3. Letters of recommendations.
  4. Applications must be received by August 1 each year at the address of the Junior Chairperson (see below). The Young Sportsman Scholarship Award will run from August 1 to July 31 annually.

Scholarship Committee:

  1. Junior Chairperson.
  2. Two (2) AHCA Members chosen by the Board of Directors.
  3. The Young Sportsman will be notified of his award and the award shall be made at the Annual National Specialty Show Awards Dinner.
  4. This scholarship is awarded only once to any individual.


This scholarship is funded by donations from the membership of the Afghan Hound Club of America.

Monies will be sent directly to the school of the Young Sportsman's choice to be used for books or tuition.

For more information, please contact the Junior Showmanship Committee Chairperson: Darla Miller