The Afghan Hound in Agility

Afghan Hound
in Agility

The Afghan Hound is a wonderful agility dog. Because of his compact body, long legs and large feet the Afghan Hound maneuvers the agility course with ease. Owners have as much fun as their Afghan Hounds working in agility and it forms an everlasting bond between the owner and his Afghan Hound.

Agility training is non-competitive, with no pressure and the owner/handler accompanies the Afghan Hound around the ring. The Afghan Hound learns to love the obstacle course challenges of the A-frame climb, hoop jumps, sway bridge, tunnels, high walk, high jump, broad jump and the teeter-totter. Agility training is one of the most enjoyable activities you can share with your

Single Bar Jumps consist of bars that
are supported by bar supports
mounted to the uprights.

Dogs must jump over the top bar,
without displacing it, in the direction
indicated by the judge.

Afghan Hounds are Natural Jumpers!

Owners work along side their
Afghan Hounds in Agility.
They become a "team."

The A-Frame is constructed from two panels, the tops of which are constructed from wood or a wood-like substance. Slats are placed across the width of the panels to provide footing. Contact zones are painted on the lower 42 inches of both panels with a 1/4 inch tolerance. The color of the zones contrasts with the rest of the panel.

Dogs must ascend one panel and descend the other in the direction designated by the judge and they must touch the contact zone on the down side only, with any one paw.

Through the tunnel!

The Open Tunnel is a flexible tube of durable material that is capable of being formed into curved shapes. Dogs enter the end specified by the judge and exit the other end.

Through the tire!

... and onto the next obstacle.

Weave Poles

The Weave Poles consist of 6 to 12 poles that are either stuck in the ground or mounted in a base. The Weave Poles must flex at the base so as to accommodate large dogs. Dogs must enter the Weave Poles by passing between #1 and #2 from right to left. They must then pass from left to right through poles #2 and #3 and continue this weaving sequence, following a smooth path, until they pass between the last two poles. If the sequence is broken, the dog must restart the correct sequence, either at or anywhere before the location of the error.

Agility is one of the fastest growing sports in the country!

Pause Table

The top of the Pause Table is a 36 inch square, plus or minus 2 inches, with a non-slip surface. Dogs must pause on the table for five seconds in either a sit or a down position, as specified by the judge prior to the beginning of the class.

Dog Walk

The Dog Walk consists of a center section and two ramp sections, the surfaces of which are made from wood or a wood-like substance.

Dogs must ascend one of the ramps, cross the center section, and descend the other ramp in the direction designated by the judge; and they must touch each contact zone with any part of one foot.

This Afghan Hound is 8 1/2 years of age. He wanted to show the "youngsters" how to win a High In Trial!