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The AHCA suggests the following books, videos and periodicals to help you become familiar with the Afghan Hound and the sport of pure bred dogs.


  • Introduction to the Afghan Hound

    Introduction to the Afghan Hound

    By: Afghan Hound Club of America
    A 45 page booklet written for the person who is thinking about getting an Afghan Hound, or the person who has bought his first puppy or acquired his first mature dog. This booklet should be part of the "care package" the breeder sends along with every Afghan Hound going to its new home.
    Single Copy Price $3.95
    2-10 Copies $3.00 Each
    11-20 Copies $2.50 Each
    21 or more Copies $2.25 Each
  • The New Complete Afghan Hound

    By: Constance O. Miller and Edward Gilbert
    Here is the latest edition of the book that has guided Afghan Hound enthusiasts for more than 20 years. Whether you are new to the fancy or have been active for many years, you'll find that this classic volume has been fully updated to include the most recent information.
  • The Book of the Afghan Hound

    By: Joan Brearley
    The Book of the Afghan Hound covers many areas of the breed. These areas include its history, the top ten Afghan Hounds in the history of the breed, standards for the breed, grooming, obedience, breeding, nutrition and much more. This book is a great collection of information for just about any aspect of the Afghan Hound.
  • Afghan Hounds (World of Dogs)

    By: Lynda Race
    The Afghan Hound exudes glamour and, as we look at the immaculately groomed show champion, it is difficult to remember that this animal was originally bred for hunting and loves to chase anything that moves.
    In this substantial book, Lynda Race recounts the history of this aristocrat among dogs, from the arrival in Afghanistan of its Greyhound-type forbears with Syrian caravans en route to Central Asia, to the emergence of the well-known breed we know and admire today. She also instructs how to choose, care for and show your Afghan, and, for the experienced and knowledgeable enthusiast, gives advice on how to breed Afghan Hounds. One whole chapter is devoted to the care of that luxuriant coat, and there are also sections on lure coursing and racing.
    Lynda Race has bred Afghan Hounds for more than 25 years, producing many champions under her Kaskarak affix, including Ch Montravia Kaskasak Hitari, the first Afghan ever to win Best In Show at Crufts( in 1983). She is a member of the Kennel Club and Vice-President of the Midland Afghan Hound Club, and has been an international championship show judge since 1983.
  • Afghan Hound (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

    By: Bryony Harcourt-Brown
    Dignity, beauty and grace describe the Afghan Hound, a native sighthound of Afghanistan, whose near-human expression, intelligence and intensity have fascinated mankind for centuries. This wholly remarkable dog is graced with elegance, yet designed for hunting in the desert; marked with characteristic aloofness, yet affectionate with his own people; and blessed with a free spirit and independent thought, yet trainable and obedient. The Afghan Hound today has evolved into a fashionable home companion and a flashy, superlative show dog. Trace the origins of our modern Afghan Hound from the deserts of Asia to homes and show rings in North America; the history chapter includes a special section about the breed's development in the US, written by Afghan expert Betty Stites. The author discusses the breed's characteristics and standard as well as puppy selection and care, house-training and obedience. A thorough chapter on everyday care details the grooming, exercise and conditioning of this long-coated wonder hound. Owners can rely on a thoroughly up-to-date chapter on healthcare written by Dr. Lowell Ackerman, one of the country's most respected veterinarians and canine authors. Illustrated with over 135 color photographs, this Special Limited Edition promises to be a reliable and informative volume for all Afghan Hound owners.
  • Gazehounds: The Search for Truth

    By: Constance O. Miller
    The classic work, revised and updated, that appeared in "The Gazehound" magazine in the late 70's, on the history and evolvement of the sighthound breeds.
    You can order this fantastic book directly from Hoflin Publishing.
    Chapter content:
    • Gazehound Structure
    • Under Gazehound Skin
    • One-dimensional dogs
    • Some thoughts on origins
    • Two Xenophons and the first Breed Standards
    • Hunting Dogs of the middle ages
    • Dr Caius and canine behavioural patterns
    • Buffon versus the British perspective
    • British dog bookd from 1840 - 1860
    • Victorian conflict between fact and theory
    • Stonehenge and the Greyhound standard
    • The Deerhound becomes a showdog
    • The Resuscitation of the Irish Wolfhound
    • The Borzoi becomes a showdog
    • Further Borzoi chronicles
    • The Whippet enters the showring
    • Lo, the Persian Greyhound cometh!
    • Salukis and Afghan hounds continue to diverge
    • Gazehounds under the skin
    • The reality of canine growth patterns
    • Capsuling the anatomical essence of the gazehound
    • Breed balance in the Afghan hound
  • Shining Dog - Shadowy Wolf

    By: Constance O. Miller
    The original manuscript on CD-ROM! Proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation.
    "Shining Dog – Shadowy Wolf" is Conni Miller's last book, the result of her years of research into the history of the dog-human relationship. This 24-chapter manuscript traces the parallel development of domestic dogs and wolves in legend and literature from their beginning up to the 1700's when the selective pedigree breeding of dogs began to be practiced. Appended is an extensive bibliography of nearly 900 references. There has been no attempt to edit Conni's manuscript or extend her text into modern times. This is the original manuscript released in Conni's own words!
    $20.00 Plus $3.50 Postage (Foreign $10. US Funds Only)
    (All checks payable to AHCA)

    To order, please contact AHCA Librarian, Helen Stein
  • Dog Locomotion and Gait Analysis

    By: Curtis Brown
    160 pages, softcover, $35 + $5 s&h ($15 outside US).
    "This is the best book on dog gaits and movement that I have ever seen. ...This book is a revelation." - Patricia Gail Burnham
    Curtis Brown is "the foremost student of canine structure, function and movement in the world today." - Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.
    "The science of canine locomotion has come of age with the publication of this scholarly textbook." - Alfred E. Treen
    "Breeders, exhibitors and judges will find in one place all the facts and reference necessary to understand proper gait." - Louis H. Harris.
    You can order this fantastic book directly from Hoflin Publishing.
  • Visualization of the Afghan Hound

    Visualization of the Afghan Hound

    By: Janis Reital, Sandy Frei & Julie Roche
    $10 (U.S.) plus $3 shipping. Reduced rate for 10 or more. Inquire about higher foreign postage rates. Order from:
    Janis Reital
    P.O. Box 998
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
    Tel: 619-756-2273
    Fax: 706-436-2560
  • Architecture of the Afghan Hound

    Architecture of the Afghan Hound

    By: Barb Bornstein
    Single copies: $25.00 plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling within the US.
    International orders: $25.00 US Funds only. Add $10.00 Shipping & Handling
    To order, please contact the author, Barb Bornstein.
  • Afghan Hounds: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual

    By: D. Caroline Coile
    Famous for its exotic beauty, this breed makes a fine show dog, but always requires frequent, time-consuming grooming. Here is extensive advice and information -- not only on grooming and showing, but also on health, nutrition, training, typical personality traits, and on the dog's origins as a hunter.
  • Road I Took To You

    The Road I Took To You

    By: Various Authors
    This wonderful heartwarming book was written by a group of people who have chosen to rescue the most unfortunate members of a unique breed of dog, the Afghan Hound. A breed blessed and cursed by its beauty, its independent character, its speed, its strength and its fragility.
    $12 per copy, includes s&h. To order, send check payable to:
    AHCA Rescue
    RD3 Box 141
    Westfield, PA 16950
  • K-9 Structure & Terminology

    By: Edward M. Gilbert, Jr. & Thelma Brown
    This step-by-step guide evaluates all phases of dog structure, written for the lay person combines the art and science of dog anatomy thus providing an understanding of how a dog's body works.
  • Structure in Action: The Makings of a Durable Dog

    By: Wendy E Wallace DVM cVA (Author), Erin Rouse (Author), Pat Hastings (Author, Editor)
    STRUCTURE IN ACTION is a must for all who share their active lives with dogs. It is an invaluable reference book for anyone wanting a dog for the high-octane lifestyle, since working and performance dogs need the soundest possible structure. Also, it provides excellent information for breeders, who bear the responsibility for matching the most suitable puppy or dog to a client s expectations. With over 400 visuals, this book details the structural strengths to strive for in breeding programs and the structural issues that must be taken into consideration before leading a dog into an active life.
  • Memories


    By: Eta Pauptit, VDOM Afghan Hounds
    Cost is $25 (Including shipping & handling)
    Send Check or Money Order (US Funds Only) payable to: Lila Wadsworth.
    Money from the sale of Memories will go directly to the European Foundation for Animals in need.


  • Retrospective

    A Retrospective View of Afghan Hounds in America 1940-1980

    Written and Produced by Karen Armistead
    VHS Video, 60 Minutes.
    • AHCA Specialty Winners
    • Important Sires
    • 40 Years of Breed History
    An overall view including how to look at a photograph and know what you are seeing (and not seeing). Your chance to look at dogs of the past, dogs you have heard about and dogs in your pedigrees.
    TO ORDER: Please send check or money order payable to the AHCA (US Funds ONLY):
    Video: $39.95, plus postage
    US Postage $4.30 (Total $44.25)
    Canada Postage $7.00 (Total $46.95
    Foreign Postage $9.00 (Total $48.95)
    To order, please contact the AHCA Librarian.
  • Juliette of the Herbs

    Juliette of the Herbs is a beautifully filmed lyrical portrait of the life and work of Juliette de Bairacli Levy: herbalist, author, breeder of Afghan hounds, friend of the Gypsies, traveller in search of herbal wisdom and a pioneer of holistic veterinary medicine. Juliette's well-loved and now classic herbals for animals and for children have been a vital inspiration for the present day herbal renaissance and holistic animal care community.
    For more than 60 years Juliette has lived with the Gypsies, nomads and peasants of the world. learning the healing arts of these people who live close to nature, and listening to nature herself. Now 85 years of age, Juliette's life story is as colourful and exciting as her tremendous wealth of herbal knowledge.
    Filmed on location in Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, England and America, and interwoven with Juliette's vast collection of archival photographs together with scenes of Gypsies dancing and Bedouins with their herds, Juliette of the Herbs is an inspiring portrait of a remarkable woman.
  • AKC Video

    The American Kennel Club Video Series: Afghan Hound

    $27.95 + s/h.
    To order, please call the AKC toll-free, 1-877-252-2665 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    More DVD's available at the AKC Store.
  • A Key to Movement

    A Key To Movement

    By: Karen G. Armistead
    A Key To Movement shows mostly Afghan Hounds, partly because they are beautiful and partly because their coat makes it so difficult to see how the dog is moving. This video organizes your looking. It directs you to specific places where bones can always be seen regardless of coat or patterns of color.
    The video gives you a method or technique that applies to all breeds. When you have learned to see through the coat of an Afghan Hound, you have learned to SEE! And you will be able to evaluate the movement of any breed.
    If you are a dog fancier, show a dog, want to breed good and healthy dogs, or want someday to judge the breed you love, A Key To Movement is a must. What distinguishes this video is that for the first time the action is slowed down enough so that we see what is actually happening when a dog walks and trots. NO OTHER VIDEO HAS DONE THIS!
    2 Hours running time.
    Winner of the Cine Golden Eagle Award in the professional educational film category.
    To purchase A Key to Movement please contact:
    Dr. Gerard C. Penta
    200 Lakeside Way
    Greensburg, PA 15601
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • A Key to Movement

    The Heritage of the Afghan Hound CD

    Created by Patricia H. Gilbert & Edward M. Gilbert, Jr.
    Trace the heritage of the Afghan Hound from its country of origin to the UK and to the US circa 1970. Contains over 500 photos. Many rare and restored photos are included.
    All profits donated to the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue and to the AKC Canine Health Foundation for Afghan Hounds
    To purchase The Heritage of the Afghan Hound CD for $25 plus $4.05 s/h, please contact:Gilbert K-9 Seminars


  • Sigthound Review

    Sighthound Review

    Finally, a magazine devoted solely to Sighthounds that's not just beautiful to look at, but filled with must-read articles and commentary from breed experts the world over! Since its inception in 1984, SIGHTHOUND REVIEW has been known for its insightful stories, gorgeous layouts and influential commentary.
    Subscribe online at Sighthound Review.
  • AKC Gazette

    AKC Gazette - Digital Edition

    While the AKC ended print publication of 'the Gazette in 2010, you can still read all the new issues online at the AKC Gazette - Digital Edition site.
  • AKC Gazette

    Dogs in Review

    Dogs In Review is your best source for news about the whole dog show world. Show reports from the world's biggest events, breed features written by the experts, lots of photos of gorgeous show dogs and more.
    For more information, check out Dogs In Review on line.