Code of Ethics


The AHCA Code of Ethics sets out the expected standards of conduct for all members of the Afghan Hound Club of America (AHCA). It is intended to preserve, protect and promote our unique breed. The signature to the Code of Ethics of applicants for membership in the AHCA will be required with the application and yearly with the dues payment for all members.

It is essential for breeders to examine their goals and objectives before undertaking breedings. The enthusiasm to earn titles is understandable, however the breeder must be sensitive to the lives produced. Challenges in time, finances and placements occur in the placement of puppies into caring and forever homes.

Violations and misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Afghan Hound Club of America, the Afghan Hound breed or this Code will be addressed by Club’s Board of Directors as specified in the Disciplinary sections of the AHCA By-laws.


  • Abide by the Constitution and By Laws of the AHCA
  • Adhere to the Rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club (AKC)
  •  Serve as an ambassador for the Afghan Hound breed, the AHCA and the AKC
  • Contacts and interactions with others are ethical, positive, respectful, fair and honest.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and adhere to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.


  • Breeding considerations are in accord with the AHCA breed Standard as published by the AKC.
  • The sire and dam of a litter are registered Afghan Hounds with the AKC.
  • Accurate records of breedings, placements, identification and health are maintained and available.
  • Follow veterinary advice and recommendations regarding the breeding of both the sire and dam.
  • Neither the sire nor dam are bred before reaching two years of age.
  • All recommended health testing/screenings are done for both the sire and dam prior to the breeding.


  • Sales contracts are written, factual, honest, equitable and fair. Contracts are provided to each party.
  • Does not sell to pet stores or dealers nor allows puppies to be offered as prizes /awards at auctions, raffles or games of sport.                                                                                                                    
  • Spay and neuter requirements are stipulated when appropriate.
  • Accurate records are maintained and available.
  • Health status of puppies/adults is verified and veterinary records supplied prior to placement/sales.
  • Permanent identification is done.
  • Breeder will provide ongoing mentoring as needed and appropriate.
  • If the owner is unable to keep the dog/puppy the breeder is to be notified. The breeder will assume responsibility and accept the returned animal at any time during the life of the dog and/or arrange for appropriate rehoming. Financial responsibility will be arranged as appropriate.                                        
  • All required AKC registration procedures are followed and completed in any transfers of the dog.


  • Dogs are kept in well maintained and sanitary condition. 
  • High standards of care are evident.
  • All veterinary recommended vaccines, treatments and procedures are accomplished in a timely manner as appropriate.
  • All applicable health codes are followed.  


  • Advertising of dogs, puppies, litters and related information is truthful and accurate.