Purina Parent Club Partnership Program (PPCPP) -- Summer, 2017

The Afghan Hound Club of America has received a check from Purina for our club's participation in the PPCPP. The amount, $488.52 is up slightly from the amount we received in 2016. Under Purina's guidelines, this money is to be used in funding education, health research and/or rescue efforts. In addition, a matching amount will be sent by Purina to the Canine Health Foundation to be used in our Donor Advised Fund (a savings account in the name of the AHCA).

  PPCPP participation year
  2016 2015 2014
Number of Parent Clubs participating 194 191 193
Total Dollars earned w/ weight circles $438,000* $458,000 $440,000
Afghan Hound fanciers signed up for PPCPP 427 421 412
Afghan Hound fanciers submitting weight circles 52 50 32
Amount received by AHCA from Purina
(in 2013 AHCA earned $604.73)
$488.52 $469.20 $558.54
Amount received by Canine Health Foundation
for the AHCA Donor Advised Fund
$488.52 $469.20 $558.54
*Our letter from Purina states "...in excess of $438,000..."      

Remember, one does not need to be a member of AHCA to participate in this program, which benefits both the individual and the Afghan Hound Club of America.

Also, if Afghan Hound fanciers are not interested in submitting their weight circles to Purina, they can send them to me and I'll submit them on behalf of the AHCA. As always, thanks very much to all who have participated in this program! Helen Stein
PPCPP Liaison