AKC CHF Bloat Initiative

Dear Eileen:

Bloat is a common cause of death, striking down otherwise healthy dogs in their prime.
It’s horribly painful, comes on suddenly and progresses rapidly – sometimes causing death in just a few hours.
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And worst of all, it’s a mystery. No one is even certain what causes bloat!

Donate now to help us learn more…and help dogs live longer, healthier lives.

As you might already know, bloat is the common name for GDV. That’s gastric dilatation, in which the dog’s stomach suddenly expands, filled with trapped air…and volvulus, in which the stomach bloats so much that it rotates or twists on itself, cutting off the blood supply to vital organs.

It’s completely devastating to dogs and to dog lovers. And that’s why the AKC Canine Health Foundation has launched our Bloat Initiative, to stalk this terrifying killer.

We recently released a webinar to fill in dog clubs and interested owners on what’s currently known about bloat. We’re also providing veterinarians with continuing education about surgery that can prevent volvulus.

But more research is needed – NOW – to save the lives of our dogs.
There is so much we don’t know about this killer! So we’ve gathered proposals from a lot of researchers with great ideas, and have pledged our grant support.

But if we are going to make any real progress against bloat – and continue funding our other research and education efforts at the same time – we need your help.

Please join us by making a generous gift of  $25 or more in support of our medical research. Help us stalk this terrifying killer, and other conditions that threaten the lives of dogs.

Terry T. Warren, PhD, JD
CEO and General Counsel

P.S. Remember, bloat can kill otherwise healthy dogs very quickly. See a veterinarian immediately if you notice symptoms like these. And please, donate nowso that we can learn more about preventing, treating and curing bloat and other killers.