Health Statistics and Survey

Announcing the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - Afghan Hound Health Survey

The Afghan Hound health survey is now live. Please notify all Afghan Hound owners. We would like conformation, performance, and pet owners to participate. Also, fill out the survey for dogs that are living as well as deceased. We want as accurate a cross section of our breed as possible. To access, please click the link above or go to the OFFA site (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), then click on surveys, and finally click on Afghan Hound. It's that easy. The survey involves drop down menus and will prompt to the next level if needed.

For the first quarter of 2012, the health check numbers are as follows:

  • Thyroid:
    • Normal: 17
    • Equivocal: 1
    • Idiopathic Hypothyroid: 1
    • Autoimmune Thyroiditis: 0
  • Hips:
    • Excellent: 11
    • Good: 17
    • Dysplasic: 0
  • Patellas:
    • Normal: 3
  • Elbows:
    • Normal: 6
  • Cardiac checks:
    • Normal 2

Eileen Laudermilch, AHCA Health Chairperson