2011 Competition Statistics

Top-Producing Sire - 7 ch. offspring

Star'T Cutting Trax of Jhanzi
Gunilla Holmgren.
Breeders: William Hansen & Alex Gilchrist.

Top-Producing Dam - 5 ch. offspring

Ch. Kasban Sirae¹ Heaven Sent
Cynthia Byington
Breeder: Laura Mauldin/Leslie Stoffels
Ch. Ingyzamo's Divine MsM Of Bybur
Michelle Dyer
Breeders: Patrick C. Byrne & Peter Belmont Jr.

The Top-Winning Dog in breed competition - 1375

GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli ()
J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers
Breeders: Jay T Hafford/James P Blanchard

The Top-Winning Bitch in breed competition - 543

GCH CH Xenos Jimlet
Wendy Slowe
Breeder: Roberto Bongiovanni

The Top Junior Handler

Emilie Peterson

The Top Lure Coursing Dog - AKC

FC Allures Just Give Me That Wink SC
Deanna DeLesandri & Stephani Norris
Breeders: Stephani L. Norris, Pamela McQueen & Todd M. Norris.

The Top Lure Coursing Dog - ASFA

Charsada Darkness at High Noon LCM Can FCHX SC
Jeanie Martin
Breeder: Brenda Burns

Top NOTRA Racing Afghan Hound - 9.5

Kirat SOR
Owner: Vicki Fagre-Stroetz

Top LGRA Racing Afghan Hound - 14

Chaos El Zagel Wild Abandon RahWynd GRC
Owners: Britton, Bruggeman, Sullivan

The Highest Point Total in Obedience

FC Twyshire Tanist, RN, MC, CD
Nora Mayfield

Top Rally Dog CH. Elmo's Tribal Island Perfection
A Pierce and D. Peterson

The Top Agility dog

Ch. MACH4 Stormhill's Red Zinger, JC, MXF
Robin Cohen, Robin Kletke & Stormhill Kennels
Breeder: Mary Offerman, Terri Vanderzee & Stormhill Knl

2011 New Therapy Dogs

Suni Time After Time At Oreia – Claudia Jakus, Lynda Hicks
Safari Princess and The Pea – Cathy Green
Perfection Elmo's Solar Eclipse – Ellie Stonequist
Sondymars Innovation – Mary Sonnen
Simoon's Chenas of Brandyland – Clarissa Skawski/Janet Plank
Perfection Cheri-A Frosted Ice – Ellie Stonequist
O'rion's Story of Renaissance – Sandra Truitt
Renaissance Storyteller – Sandra Truitt