2015 Breeders’ Cup  Winners
Best In Breeder’s Cup  -  Ch. Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams owner: Bruce Clark & Junniva Hrund Snorradottir
Best O Opp Sex In Breeders’ Cup  - Summerwinds Dark Secrets Of Paparazzi   owner:  Jacqueline Pendygraft

6-9 Months Dogs
1              Sura Mickey Finn  owner: Suzanne Neill, Christine O’Connor & Alicia Jones
2              Hassan’s Reach For The Sky  owner:  Charlotte Bender, Bob Hassan, Janice McClain & Rita Hendricks
3              Hassan’s The Perfect Storm owner:  Kath Lean Perrier, Charlotte Bender & H. Hirtz

9-12 Months Dogs
1              Summerwinds-Wynsyr Markers Mark  owner:  Rosemary Sutton
2              Agha Djari’s In The Mirror  owner:  Sandy Blount
3              Wynsyr Hashtag Summerwinds  owner:  Jacqueline Pendygraft & Rosemary Sutton
4              SarS Sweet Memories  owners:  Terri Grimm, Steven Klein & Billie Wilson

12-15     Months Dogs
1   Ch. Shylo Black and Blue All Over owner:  Kirlyn Fouts, Eric Whitney, Bruce Clark & Stephen Fisher

15-18 Months Dogs
1              Ch. Shylo Sassoon of Enigma Dreams  owner: Bruce Clark & Junniva Hrund Snorradottir
2              Sunlit’s Lites Camera Action Summerwind  owners:  Rosemary Sutton

18-21 Months Dogs
1              Boanne-Burrllom’s Thunder N’ Lighting O’Jamocha  owner:  James & Janice McClain & Anne Evans

6-9 Months Bitches
1              Sura Ondine Daisy Mae  owner:  owner:  Christine O’Connor, Suzanne Neill & Alicia Jones
2              Hassan’s Love The Rainey Night  owner:  Charlotte Bender, Bob Hassan
3              Sra Ricmar I Only Have Eyes For You  owner: Rick & Terri Martin & Susanne Neill
4              Hassan’s Jamocha Rain Dancer owner:  Janice McClain & Charlotte Bender & Bob Hassan

9-12 Months Bitches
1              Summerwinds Dark Secrets of Paparazzi owner:  Jacqueline Pendygraft
2              Agha Djari’s I’m So Fancy  owner:  Colleen Brown & Alexis Jones
3              Wynsyr Summerwinds Butterfly Kisses   owner:Jim & Debi Thompson & Rosemary Sutton

12-15 Months Bitches
1              Enarki Fairest Of Them All  owner:  Marilyn Domoff
2              Shylo Sunset Boulevard  owner:  Bruce Clark & Stephen Fisher

15-18 Months Bitches
1              Winsong Jamna Heavenly Halo At Maja owner:  Sherri Meyer, Nicole Newkirk, Nikki Gardner & Gary Sinck

18-21 Months Bitch
1              Boanne-Burrllom Trilogy’s This Girl Is On Fire’  owner:  Kath Lean Perrier, Helen Hirtz & Anne Evans